Youtube Freebies

Features started after Ragnafest 2018 vlog. This will be updated monthly and will stop at the end of month. Good luck!

Hinila ako ni Pooh sa CR! — Vlog 5/365

Grabe! Ni hindi ako nagkaron ng cellphone sa video na to. Hahaha! Kung magkakaron ako ng phone from Pooh, papamigay ko sa viewers din yun! Can we hit ...

Completed February 01, 2019

When someone talking trash to you — Vlog 4/365

People in this video are for video purposes only. The trash has been taken out already. But anyway, I got ridiculed by someone who has no reputation, nothing to ...

Completed February 01, 2019

I spent 1,500 for charity — Vlog 3/365

3rd day. Can we do it for a week? Lot of tension for the day and work, so today, I present you my Bloggers United 16 experience last December 15, 2018. I cringe ...

Completed February 01, 2019

New Opp Vlogs! — Vlog 2/365

Daily 002/365 and it's going to continue. Decided a great to awesome business for today. Thanks for the support everyone! Next month freebie nandito. If you are ...

Poleng Tv Completed February 01, 2019

Trying Daily Vlogs! —Vlog 1/365

Doing daily vlogs this 2019, join me and hope I can withstand the test of the year. Sana kayanin ko ang mag daily vlogs! — New Year — New Business — New ...

Eds Cristobal Completed February 01, 2019

Ragnafest 2018 — First Attendance as a Media Blogger!

Yas! Sawakas may nahulog din sa bitag ko na email listing para sa mga events na ganito. Haha. Thank you so much for the invites Red Wizard Events and sa ...

Rio Oreo Completed December 01, 2018

Unboxing an ROG ASUS Laptop — ROG GL703GE-EQ001T

Finally after a long long time! Nakapag upload narin ng bagong video! Unfortunately, my Macbook gave up kaya hindi na nakapag produce ng video. But here ...

Don Lester Bundalian Completed December 01, 2018

Goodbye Freebie Fridays — Road to 1,000

Saying goodbye to Freebie Friday and hello to Freebie Fever! That's right! We're going to do this monthly! Let's compress the reward budget and distribute them ...

jO wann Completed August 01, 2018

Low energy vlogging is bad for your health

Lot of things happened this week and I spent most of my energy in my events. Kaya medyo pagod but I will never forget my vlog 🙂 Better late than never!

Angela Salunga Completed August 01, 2018

Tough Cough, it's hard to create content.

A little bit tough week for some colds and cough. But for you guys, even delayed, I'll still deliver. So with reddish eyes, we bought you some sunnies. To qualify ...

Arianne Galang Completed July 01, 2018

Bag to school giveaway! — Freebie Friday

Title was supposed to be a pun. -.- If the editing seemed a little bit rush, it is! 😀 I am not that well yet and I need to rest asap. But the video is as good as it gets.

Vincent Armendi Completed July 01, 2018

Goto Tendon, Quezon City, Philippines — Mapping Monday

[Subscribe!] Horray for my first food vlog! I'm still studying my format for this segment, but I feel like I am on the right track. Good quality of food. I personally love ...

Maueee's Happy Feet Completed July 01, 2018

H&M 'Sir no unauthorized vlogging' — Freebie Friday

Official Freebie Friday entry. I'm out! I have no authorization for vlogging so there's no H&M vlog for you guys. I tried going to UNIQLO afterwards, but the same ...

Roxanne Nacar Completed July 01, 2018

My new segment! Freebie Series — Freebie Friday

My second entry! My dream series! Freebies Vlogs! Where I do the shopping and you guys get the things! Subscribe, give this video a thumbs up, comment down ...

Roxanne Nacar Completed July 01, 2018

Change of Habit — Starting my Youtube Vlog

My first vlog entry! Hope you enjoy my video. I have other vids on youtube years back but this is the first vlog. They are mostly tutorials back then. Until I decided ...

YouTube Clinic Completed June 01, 2018