Valorant to receive Deathmatch and other game modes in the future

It has been confirmed by Valorant developers that a deathmatch style mode will likely be a supplemental game mode similar to Spike Rush as they are “starting to build out some of the necessary technology we’d need to support a Deathmatch-type mode”. A specific launch date is yet to be announced but developers assures that the fans’ desire for a Deathmatch mode are heard loud and clear.

Developers also encourages fans to voice out their desires as they “want to bias toward putting new modes in the community’s hands as fast as possible and evolving those modes along with the players.”

Spike Rush is the new game mode of Valorant that was launched during the full release of the game and is likely to stay. Just like in League of Legends’ game modes, the developers could rotate the Spike Rush in and out of the as more game modes are introduced in the future.



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