Valorant Ranked mode is coming soon

Valorant Ranked mode is coming soon as teased by Game Director – Joe Ziegler on a tweet today saying “to answer the biggest question: rated (competitive mode) will likely be out some time next week. We’re spending this week putting together that release and making sure it is good.”

Rated mode in Valorant was removed on launch, despite being playable in closed beta, to ensure stability before enabling rated once more, but the latest patch created some bugs such as the run/walk toggle being unresponsive, Reyna bug that enables you to put up Sage wall or Sova arrows on her leer orb, and the fps drop few players are experiencing making the game unplayable for them.

Fortunately current bugs brought by the latest patch such as the not functioning run/walk toggle is being fixed and at finalizing stage ready for the next release as announced by Ziegler in another tweet.

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