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Unboxing Republic of Gamers Laptop

Finally, I got my hands on one of Asus’ Republic of Gamers peripherals. It’s a ROG ASUS Laptop — ROG GL703GE-EQ001T. I want to build a pc but I need to move to a different house first so I can set up a great place for the PC. But anyway, I purchased this first so I can do my video edits and resume my b/vlogging. This is a 17″ laptop and one of the best laptops in the market, it is also priced at PHP 89,995 only!

— ROG GL703GE-EQ001T
— 17″ FHD Screen
— IPS 120Hz
— Intel i7-8750
— GTX 1050TI GPU
— 1TB + 256 SSD

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