The RT of Streaming — Problems beyond problems

I’ve been watching a lot of streamers since 2017 and from those years, I built my eagerness to stream on my own. It was hard for me to setup a complete fair setup, because those whom I’ve been watching have good computer units. But compared to the things I’m about to discuss, building a streaming set up is the easiest part of streaming.

So in my perspective today as an initial streamer, it’s hard and excruciating in the sense that it’s really hard but you still want more of it. Let me share the things I’ve experienced so far in almost 2 months of my streaming. This is a personal experience because of my setup, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will undergo with the same road blocks as I have.


I’ve been working a full time job and given my position, I am about to leave on a time beyond working hour end. Because of managerial stuff and other different things. I was at a contract with a no given time of duty, so I am free whether I work outside, or I attend my office even for 1 hour only. Problem is I kind of need to monitor the employees from the opening shift to closing, and I need to create a lot of materials so the employees will now have something to work on to.

Basically, schedule is the hardest thing to catch in streaming. You have to stream at the time of your target viewers or else you’d be streaming in bedrooms waiting for Mr. Sandman to come by, giving you at least 5 minutes of stream. Up until now, I am chasing my schedule because I need this to work somehow, now that there are viewers who are now waiting for the stream, which is heart warming of course.


A lot of work is required to create quality content. You are required to plan, orchestrate and execute them by time frame. But the real problem here is, if you still have your problem #1 schedule, you won’t have any quality content. You are just playing the games everyone is playing, and watching you focus on that game may leave your audience in boredom. So if you haven’t fixed your schedule yet, I am 100% sure that you’re streaming-on-the-go. That’s kind of a bummer considering that your content will always be the same if you haven’t prepared for anything new.


You have a life different from what you are diving into. You might be the eldest among the siblings, a reputable honor student in your school or even a boss of your own. Then your brothers and sisters started watching you, let alone staffs who watches your stream. For your channel to become good and ready, you have to be entertaining, meaning you have to entertain everyone. You have to be idiot if you need to in order to give your viewers to love you and a reason to stay. Earn respect because of love, not because of fear or because you are simply their boss. That’s a fearful battle I am into right now. It’s mostly personal battle, no worries. To drop the ego, first you must accept you have one.


Many are getting inspired because of the monetization. In fact, it has became their fuel to start this journey. They pour investment and time and then rage when nothing is coming back. I am getting a lot of bashers from other to non-streamers just because a channel is growing. Like what I have stated on my Facebook post, let’s not shoot down the efforts of others. It may seem they are having it easy, you’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Do not hate on the results, appreciate them. The only reason why you are dying for viewers is because of numbers. You’re just after the monetization unlike the people who are doing it as their hobby. This will give you a cloudy judgement. Don’t do it because of the money, don’t think it’s easy. The community is suffering because of streamers who can’t wait for their time and instead shoots down others. Monetization is not everything, it is the last thing. Complete all the elements first required and monetization will come along.


Like I said, it’s very hard. But it’s a rewarding hardship. All we have to do, is course through it. Thank you guys for viewing. 🙂

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