The Drama of Live Stream

Heard of Perya Streaming? Those hashtags #NoToFakeStreamers#StreamerStreameran? Those “I care about the community” slogan?

Let’s break it down to pieces. As a viewer myself for at least 3 years, I do prefer streamers who gives value in their content. Who really creates a content for their community. In traditional television, I always turn the tv off when I feel something wasn’t right, the transitions are fast, then I started noticing ‘ey this is not live’, then I shut it down. Because as lonely as we feel, we don’t need another orchestrated stuff designed to make us laugh and present it as ‘hey I’m wif you’.

With that said, if I’m trying to learn the game, I will watch those skilled players, but for me to completely git gud with the game, I need to play. So that’s -1 viewer for you. If I want to be entertained because of life stuff, Im’ma watch a live interactive content where in the streamer is actually communicating or entertaining the viewers.

So this falls to entertainment, because let’s face it. Live streaming is a reality entertainment itself. Quoting PEWDIEPIE here, ‘You playing games and adding commentary to what everyone is experiencing is not an original content’. It’s been made since the beginning and for a streamer to keep it that way, one should entertain the viewer. Hey you got me clickin your video, what can you offer for me to stay? That’s where entertainment comes in. Let’s just agree that creating content is hard, and shooting others won’t make your stream grow.

Here’s an anatomy of the streaming meta as of 2019.

Thicc vs Flat Streaming

You see a lot of ladies out there playing games and conversing with the viewers. Yeah we have a lot of these, in fact the era of GAMER GIRLS are now here.

When they came, the competition between men and women became competitive. Men saying ‘oh if I have friggin bobs, I will have as many viewers as this gal’. Yeah, most ranters out there use this phrase.

In the early 2k’s most men are still considering lady strangers are sexual objects, it’s the instinct of men to court and imagine wild things with the woman who are in front of them or in their phones. Who could’ve save the internet in the 90s? That’s porn.

But even in the bobs industry, competition does exist. Girls with thicc vs flat bobs, easy click for a view. Of course, for young men, this is a great material for them. They have now clicked your stream, heck now you don’t even need to think on why will they stay. These boys will just wait for something to happen to cause an accident such as nipslip or try if they can persuade the streamer to do some extents. (PROVED BY TWITCH HISTORY)

Aand without context needed, it’s an affirmative result that thicc does gain a lot of viewers. It doesn’t matter what game these gals may play. The audience will love her as long as her bobs is flaunting ‘innocently’.

Don’t get me wrong, ladies out there may admire the way she carries her fashion. Remember, boys will be boys.

Bob vs Personality Streaming

No bobs, just pure focused gaming. Thicc or flat, they’re covered. Watching a lot of cute streamers lately who’s just having fun in the game, and I wanna say don’t worry for your potatoness, you’re friggin cute! And they got support badges lately. Grats.

This is a niche stream, I mean boys will be boys, but these boys are stacking points of admiration. They are there because they are falling with the streamer’s character, and like what I stated earlier, it feels a lot different when you and the community transparently reacts to each other, unlike the taped one.

Sadly, your growth will be limited, but your fans will always be forever yours. I too.

Skills vs Entertainment Streaming

I love ChocoTaco’s stream, he gud. I think he’s better than shroud. He’s a dang daily grinder and focuses on one game only, that way back pubg.

While Shroud plays different games because his community is diverse and they believe that Shroud’s aim is universal. When I started streaming on my first account, I keep my mindset to Shroud’s startups. Shroud has a zero to a few viewer for a year until he became the king of reddit, he watches summ1t and streams his own, just playing. Then the crowd started to became amazed with his clutch skills and his follower base became a little bigger. Until the point of time where personas like Waduhek, Bananaman and other snipers are ganging him. His channel became an entertainment spot, his reactions to donations are priceless. People started spreading the ‘word in the street’ and his fat duck. He was an icon of entertainment. This made his channel grow even further, I mean the guy has the skills, and now his community is making the half of the entertainment for him.

It’s painful to say, but I love to watch ChocoTaco on Shroud’s stream rather than on his stream. This is why to extend your reach, you have to have entertainment value. Adoration and admiration of the skill is one, but oh boy entertainment is whoo!

Faces of Entertainment and How to Strive

So for a skilled player to get noticed, a lot of gameplay, air time and fails or epic win. You will build your brand if you have something to contribute, A.K.A clips. Because frig it, if you want people to know you then submit clips, make your channel clippable with those mistakes, accidental actions or even rage. They are all entertainment, scream like pewds, burst yo neck like tyler1, trashtalk like DrDisRespect, be an effin cancer like Ninja or occassionally punch your webcam like summ1t.

Yeah fk it, I’m on this thing right? Lol
Be different to make them click or come, be entertaining to make them stay. Otherwise be happy thay you got 10,000 viewers for a second or two.

My Two-Cents

So with the Perya and the #StreamerStreameranthingy. If your numbers are low, do something about it. Let them do what they want to do, I am extremely happy with my 11 average viewers. Your viewers are the seeds of your future. Don’t disregard them just because you see others doing something easy and stupid yet with a number of viewers and or followers.

They deserve it, they invested time and effort to make it the way they are now. Don’t shoot the effort of another, you are kapwa-streamer. Pinagdaanan nya yang ginagawa mo ngayon. Other streamers are not platform for you to hit a lot of views.

The community is supposed to be working that way. Live streaming is entertainment, gaming is entertainment. Don’t set your standards to others. In fact, for the streaming platform, channels with a lot of viewers are much profitable and favorable for them. Think of a content that will make your viewers stay.

If you’re in a war, and you have large artilleries, would you not use them? If you can giveaway stuff, why not or if you’re okay with showing parts of the bobs, why not.

Part of this journey is to accept your current situation and strive through it. Hindi easy money ang streaming or even vlogging.

That’s just my 2 cents. 😁🎧
Let’s not be a cancer to each other, don’t hate the success of others.

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