Starting my Youtube Vlog

So about 7 years ago, I planned on getting out of the wild and posting stuff & vids on Youtube. But there are so many elements which hinders me from doing so. Shyness, Content, Activities and mostly Finances. Although way back those years, I am earning a lot of income for my age (800$/mo), but I was stuck in doing programs and development. I was a bit of a hard-worker because of my dreams, and I was doing that while I am still studying. I graduated in year 2013 at Lyceum Cavite, Philippines with a course of Information Technology. Back then, I have no idea with videography or even photography (Though I could not say I do have today) or what should I purchase. I just bought the latest SLR required for creating my content.

But year after year, the SLR were just placed in one position, and that’s at the corner of my room. I could not even do anything with it. I’m getting comfortably fat, which became my worst enemy before. Because food is life, and with money comes with great foodability jk.

But kidding aside, these were the moments where I should have started stuff like these. But instead, I go for more business and income. I am doubling my income every now and then. I have gathered a lot of experience handling operations by my own. So today, I promised myself that I should be doing what I wanted to do before I hit 30. It was a curse I placed on myself, and at my 29th birthday, I did release my first video entry. Although I do a lot of youtube videos before, those were just tutorials and stuff. Mostly keyboard noise and overlay text. After watching so many start-up vlogs, one thing I learned from them is that I should accept mistakes and just do it.

So here you go! My first vlog.

My editing will improve, this is my first time using AE and Premiere. I felt like I did a pretty good job.

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