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Samyang Challenge

Samyang Challenge Partyfied

In-case you haven’t heard of the word party-fied, it is something that are modified to fit a party theme.

I was the eldest of among my siblings and years way ahead of my cousins, some are still under 10 years of age. So instead of tequila challenge, I decided to do a samyang challenge as our party game.

Cooked 3 pieces of x2 spicy ? samyang, and placed on each cups.

A cup contains 1/5th of samyang, as what my younger cousins can manage and added a hundred bill under it.

The challenge is if they consume one cup, the money underneath can be pocketed. They will consume the 100 worth cups before entering the finals.

The top 2 eaters which has the most stacked cups will be able to play the final round.

A cup half full of spicy noodles is what awaits for these 2 competitors, wanting that 500 bill under it. The one who can finish it fast will be qualified to play the jackpot round which is a cupful of samyang and a thousand bill.

Not bad for a party for teens and preteens. Most of my younger cousins only finished 1 cup.


So since wala na yung previous video, nag shoot ulit ako ng same concept pero sa ibang tao naman.

Watch the video to see the full game

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