Ragnafest 2018 — First Attendance as a Media Blogger!

Yas! Sawakas may nahulog din sa bitag ko na email listing para sa mga events na ganito. Haha. Thank you so much for the invites Red Wizard Events and sa Ragnarok Extreme! Nag end na yung official servers ng Level-Up for Ragnarok, it was too heartbreaking but you guys know naman. I was hyped when inilabas ang game na ito nung 2017, the problem is that almost Lighthalzen nako nag quit noon sa Ragnarok PH and Extreme were balancing the release. Since I am too busy with work, hindi nako nakapaglaro ng game na to. I played a lot before sa mga private servers, and private servers tried balancing the game also by providing parts of patches. Like unti unti nilalabas per episode. For a player like me, wala na yung magic nya nung unang ginawa yun ng Gravity. I was at elementary pa when I got hooked! I’m an Chaos-Odin Player, NC Champ / SancSW Priest from Demigods []blitz18[]

Ragnafest 2018 did an amazing job on giving me the feels back again. Me roaming around the arena waiting for my guildmates to come, drink and fun plus the camaraderie. I could say Ragnarok molded me completely.

Anyway guys, it was fun watching you play the game. At least I can still get by with the mobile version. Comment down if you want some Ragnarok merch so I can create more Ragnarok related content on my youtube!! 🙂


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    November 26, 2018 at 11:09 AM

    Will you give away the merchs? I really love the string bag or the water bottle please 😝

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