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How to Correct Birth Certificate Clerical Errors

You’re probably here because you got confused with the gov’s website, right? So let me share my experience dealing with the infamous clerical error on a birth certificate. (My case at least) The Birth Certificate Error The biggest problem…

Unboxing & Tech

Unboxing Republic of Gamers Laptop

Finally, I got my hands on one of Asus’ Republic of Gamers peripherals. It’s a ROG ASUS Laptop — ROG GL703GE-EQ001T. I want to build a pc but I need to move to a different house first so I…


Starting my Youtube Vlog

So about 7 years ago, I planned on getting out of the wild and posting stuff & vids on Youtube. But there are so many elements that hinder me from doing so. Shyness, Content, Activities and mostly Finances. Although…


Black Significance

Interacting with my first year on the job, people started being weirded out with my set of clothes and preferences. I cannot blame them, so I would like to share what I stand for and what I value as…

Samyang Challenge Partyfied
Social Experiment

Samyang Challenge

In-case you haven’t heard of the word party-fied, it is something that are modified to fit a party theme. I was the eldest of among my siblings and years way ahead of my cousins, some are still under 10…


High Grounds Cafe

High Grounds Cafe — Haven for Gamers! It was not long ago since the name TNC, rose in the gaming industry. Having numerous chances competing in the global league, the name of TNC popped-out like a mushroom racing head-on with…

First Time Corporate World

First-Time Corporate World

Ever since my father got engaged in People-Business, I could say I am the most positive member of our family and even with peers. Simply because I am too focused to see the negative or even check the positive…


My Boss is a Millennial

Now that you have landed a good job, it is time to know more about your workmates, who you will be working with until you got tired of your work. Most people expect young professionals to be their juniors,…

How To Guides

How to be rich in your 20s

What 20s? Most of the people you know are still broke in their 30s, let alone those who struggle in their 40s. There are 2 ways in growing your money:  you save or you earn. It has always been a…


Letter to my Younger Self

Are you are having a hard time right now? I bet you’re not. You are that someone who really hates half-assed decisions and practices in life. Your decision-making is full of 1 and 0, either only a yes and…