My Boss is a Millennial

Now that you have landed a good job, it is time to know more about your workmates, who you will be working with until you got tired of your work. Most people expect young professionals to be their juniors, who will respect them because of their age or seniority, but have you imagine having a workplace owned by millennials? Your supervisor, your manager or even the head of your department?

A great number of horrifying stories working with millennials are being spread around since millennials became the boss of the last 3 generation professionals. Some of the claims are these millennials are self-entitled, self-centered and even egoistic. But let’s calm down a bit and spare some time about how these millennials think and work.

Keep Calm — They’re Responsible WORKAHOLICS

They won’t get into that position if they are not. You have to understand that the habitat of millennials is in social media, expect that information provided on the internet is continuously added to the ideas of these millennials regardless if these were true or false. Lots of information are being processed SWIFTLY in their heads, and the greatest thing to these millennials is that if one may agree and adapt the speed of their thinking, they easily build rapport with each other. Projects get executed in a short period.

Previous Generation: You should keep calm and process what they are trying to say. You may feel unwanted if you see you them talking to someone in your department who has picked up the phase of thinking. Most supervisors who have a millennial manager, a scenario in which the supervisor is older than the manager, often gets into awkward situations and accumulates anger towards this manager when the ideas are not in sync or get rejected. Traditional workplace prioritizes age as for respect, which millennials, as we all know, are not into.

Similar Generation: Again calm down then process what he is trying to say. You are probably receiving more commands than everybody else, simply because you are now trusted by your immediate supervisor. A great advantage is if you can follow his train of thought and/or how he thinks. If you felt like you’ve been left out with the concepts and ideas, then remind him of the first project to be dealt with before engaging to the second. Keep him updated and work as fast, relay as fast.

Finally: With these said, you can fully understand your millennial manager’s way of thinking and follow them soon. If this is the first time you encountered a millennial boss, keep calm and be yourself. Most millennials are friendly and socially connected while making sure you keep the gap and respect.

Embrace the New Technology — Old Keys won’t Open New Doors

You probably can get more conversation with the millennials using the latest trend and technology. Using these available technologies, you can be more relevant to the topics your boss will probably open. You may be able to grasp their ideas easily as most of the concepts for the job or the company is greatly influenced by social media.

Previous Generation: If you are not going to adjust to the changes in your workplace, expect hard times. Change is inevitable, what’s hard to accomplish before can be done in a single push of a button. You have to polish yourself in new ways.

Similar Generation: You probably have your smartphone right now. Being active with your social media makes a difference. Your boss is a millennial, most likely he will be expecting an add from his workmates, especially if you are engaged in his daily operations. But most employees regularly complain their Mondays or their bosses on Facebook, and the problem is that; they do not connect on social media, or even consult their boss before they post their problems with the company or their supervisor on social media.

Finally: Just connect with your boss and be transparent with him. If you have complaints about work, talk to them instead of posting it on social media or even talking to them with private messaging on social media. Have a face and talk to them with your concerns personally.

Be a Team-Player — We’re Better Together

Probably be on your manager’s side than the apologists. You won’t get anything from hearing controversies that should not be supposed to influence negatively with your work. For example, if your mates started to talk negatively about your boss which has nothing to do about your work operation flow, then those kinds of employees are cancerous.

You may just want to get to your boss’ side and do your job pretty well. This millennial boss has a fast concept rate because of the trends. We all know that trends have a short life span, leaving us with nothing but short deadlines. If you can deliver beyond expectations, they will surely be fond of you. Remember, millennials love doing other things than work, so efficiency is the key. The better we work together, the earlier we can complete a project. Both of you will still have time doing other things such as personal or even catch up with friends socializing.

Previous Generation: Keep the phase up! Your experience will be the key for these millennials, as most of them are not that familiar with how things are done in the past. You have to advise them on what a team is back then. So that your boss can do a transition of your operations to the new practice. He will ask for your guidance that is for sure but don’t step in too much. Your team’s objective is to transform the operations to the next level and provide efficient results.

Similar Generation: Excel! People at the workplace continuously complain about their salary and their promotions. Most people expect an increase in salary because of seniority or the length of their stay. You may hear other workers say, ‘do not show much of your skills, you won’t be compensated those‘, which evidently where the problem lies within the workplace. Always remember that if you do not showcase your talents, you won’t be recognized to where your skills should be placed.

Finally: Don’t be an asshole. This final word should be applied even your boss is not a millennial. If your boss is great with everyone, don’t take advantage of it or even take them for granted. Even if they do reply a ‘K‘ or a ‘Thumbs-Up Icon‘, end the conversation with a real statement.

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