Issues on Mika Daime, POV from a Game Hacker

So last week the Valorant community was in an uproar due to an incident of a streamer named Mika Daime. She was accused of using an aimbot while on stream with her hand-cam on and everything. A lot of different reactions were placed on the internet, video reactions from pros, the non-pro players who have defended her or attacked her. But in this game of blaming, will the attackers win or the defenders? Let’s find out!

Why am I doing this shit?

So first of all, I did a lot of game hacks in my time, 2008 to 2011 when the pinnacle of the rise of gamers started. I thought I am contributing to the community by leveling the playing field. Then the reason became paying for my college.

What are the games I hacked and why I knew this shit?

So I started hacking a simple game Plants vs Zombies, Farmville, Flyff, Counter-Strike 1.3 (FPS), Special Force (FPS), Audition Dance Battle, Ace Online or Air Rivals (FPS), O2 Jam, Band Master, Dragon Nest, Warcraft III (Up to Multiplayer Maps), Elsword, Summoners War, Kritika and Brave Frontier.

So did Mike really cheated?

First, let me tour you to the world of FPS games and how it is perfected through the years. Just like the regular programming, values are stored into, of course, storage called variables. When searching for these on a run-time, the software is searching for these which are now called addresses. If you have these addresses, the software which installed itself as a mouse and keyboard will point your center screen on the enemy position.

So did she cheated?

You can not declare someone a cheater easily. Yes, Valorant has vanguard which is a kernel-level anti-cheat system that requires to be online every time to avoid system injection of cheats. But that’s not enough, look at this POV, the developers can only fix bugs if they are reported. So if the cheats are public and are selling for VIP prices, they will avail one and debug them. But what if they are private and self-made, yes the answer is it won’t be detected. It’s like the cheat is being quarantined, no one else knows.

And like I said earlier, cheats are being developed to be more discreet. Check this image below.

  1. The blue circle is we call a FOCAL POINT. It’s a radius wherein you can play legit if you’re a happy clicker. Imagine Viper being one of the opponents, will the aimbot work on Viper? The answer is no because she’s not in the focal point or the net, she will not be tracked. Basically, it will only be tracked if you put her inside of the focal point, meaning you need to put your crosshair manually into her. This is one feature to avoid headlocks, only target the people that are visible and within the range of your focal point.
  2. Another feature is smooth aiming, Imagine you already placed the mouse into your opponent but fired. Smooth aiming helps you to land that shot while firing. Meaning your opponent will be like a black hole for your crosshair, it will slowly be absorbed by the opponent and boom, smooth aiming.
  3. Now imagine the focal point or the blue circle is smaller, kind of that size of that aim down sights or maybe smaller. Plus the smooth aiming. Yeah, you guessed it, it will fire at random places and between those shots, it will hit 1 on the head and disguised itself as a recoil snap. So yes Mika Daime is cheating, it doesn’t matter if she has a hand-cam, all she needs to do is to place her bigger crosshair called the focal point and click the left mouse button. Heck try resizing that radius into smaller, you’ll have a better chance of faking it, but you know, it still needs skills.
  4. Also, check her crosshair placement when she was shot by Omen, she clearly knows there’s an opponent there waiting, but what do we get? A crosshair looking at the ground while walking out of the smoke. Of course, she knew Omen wasn’t there, why would you walk to that area without guard if you just got shot there right?

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