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How to Correct Birth Certificate Clerical Errors

You’re probably here because you got confused with the gov’s website, right? So let me share my experience dealing with the infamous clerical error on a birth certificate. (My case at least)

The Birth Certificate Error

The biggest problem way back then is that most of the data were not checked thoroughly and were published swiftly. Of course, your parents won’t tell you that they are the ones at fault, although they told the encoder the name, this encoder did something else from what they are supposed to do, ‘ask for the spelling’.

As for me, I have these errors in my birth certificate. On the first entry, it was ‘Peter Louei G. Santiano Jr’, which is pretty lame. Like you may consider it as a switched typographical error, but in a written note, Nah. Maybe that name is kind of rare back in the 90s, and oh my name is too long so it is kind of confusing. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

But the rare part was the second entry on the bottom field of my birth certificate, the encoder got it right! But I think she needs to create a mistake at that time. The second field was entered as ‘Peter Louie G. Santiago Jr’, yeah pretty great right? Now a family name error, it is easy to change request for a misspelled name, but for the family name, it’s a different issue. It’s a matter of belonging now. Especially if the misspelled name exists. /shy

First Step

Anyway, what I did was I just corrected the first entry since it is the first field to be read when checked. So after like 7 years when I first noticed it *College*, I freakin did it! I took my first step of going to my birth city, Calumpit, Bulacan. Where I fill out a form for the request. Here are the following documents I brought for verification:

  • Original Birth Certificate PSA Copy x2
  • Driver’s License (Bring any Government ID)
  • Transcript of Record from School
  • Baptismal Certificate

Here are the full list of documents you can bring: Baptismal Certificate, Voter’s Affidavit, Employment Record, GSIS/SSS Record, Medical Record, School Record, Business Record, Driver’s License, Insurance, Land Titles, Certificate of Land Transfer, Bank Passbook, NBI/Police Clearance, Civil Registry Records of Ascendants…

I photocopied them by 2s and paid the clerical errors for 1k. Good greatness, look at the photo. Is it really hard to know someone with a name Louie? Kindly verify thoroughly the documents, because they are using a templated sheet. Meaning the last request may still be in the document.

Second Encounter

After the process, I was asked to return to the office. They will hand you a document in which you should LBC to the Head Office of PSA which is in the Quezon City. The address will be entered into the document. On your first encounter, try adding 500 PHP if possible so that they will be the ones to ship the documents to you and the head office. (As for me, I had them shipped it because I found some errors when I got home from the first encounter)

Going to the Head Office Quezon City

I got a tracking number from LBC. But processed it after a month(too busy), I went to the head office only to find out that they already processed and shipped it back to my birth city’s municipality. I was instructed so I can follow up on my application, but they are already efficient!

Third Encounter

I got back after 1 month again to my birth city’s municipality, handing me another document for Sta. Mesa Office (Address is written on the envelope given to me). This is the final route for my birth certificate as they will publish a new birth certificate with annotations on it.

Going to Sta. Mesa PSA Office

So since I have a lot of things going on, I handed my birth certificate to my secretary and gave her an authorization letter. She applied for a corrected birth certificate and paid 150 PHP. After the process, I was asked to go back on the 21st of December which is 10 days from the submission along with the live IDs since the ids which were brought were just the photocopy of my ids.

That’s it! Today is December 09, 2018, and I will update this blog once I got my corrected birth certificate. Now I can gala abroad already! I hope yours can get fixed too as fast as mine. LOL

Final Update

Today is January 16, 2019! I wasn’t able to return last December 21, but I finally got the adjusted copy of my birth certificate. /no1 At long last! Now every time I will ask a PSA copy of my birth certificate, it will have an annotation for the clerical correction.

Because of my busy schedule, I had someone to help me fix this @qnnvllrmgmz. That’s it! I hope I helped you somehow in fixing your birth-certificate clerical problems.


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    June 20, 2019 at 12:36 AM

    How many Months is the processing period of your PSA? AFTER correcting?

    • Reply
      July 10, 2019 at 4:45 PM

      It’s actually 2 months lang siguro itatagal kapag hands-on ka. Kasi ako months din bago ko finafollow up. Pero usually inaayos narin nila. 2 times lang ako bumalik sa birthplace ko, then the rest is processed na within Metro Manila / QC.

  • Reply
    Clarisse vesin
    March 6, 2020 at 12:43 PM

    Pano po kaya yung sa anak ko, Yung pangalan nya po kasi is Sevrina Rich e ang nakalagay dun said birth certificate Nya ay magkadikit sevrinarich?

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