High Grounds Cafe

High Grounds Cafe — Haven for Gamers!
It was not long ago since the name TNC, rose in the gaming industry. Having numerous chances competing in the global league, the name of TNC popped-out like a mushroom racing head-on with a known computer cafe franchise in the Philippines, Mineski.

I had a friend way-back before whom I played DOTA with; night and day, his nickname is Kimo which is also the current team leader for a similar competitor for TNC, Execration. Besides TNC, it is Execration whose getting a similar chance on the global tournament. If you are reading bro, I urge you to open a business such as this cafe. ?


So what’s with High Grounds?

Way-back y2k, computer cafes only consist of a Refrigerator and Computers. Usually, cafes are just canned cold coffees to be drank while playing. Today, it seems like Starbucks are going to face bankruptcy if they don’t start innovating their purpose and cater their future clients, the Millenials. High Grounds is a place where you can study, stay or even play. Either you bring your books, your powerpoint or your friends to enjoy the stay.

A huge installation of a computer section is located at the back of this cafe, completely occupying the half of the establishment. It became a trend for computer shops to open 24 hours, just like drugstores and fast food franchise. Today, being a professional gamer can bring you fortunes, which is why many countries are engaging in this kind of industry, as the e-sports is just getting started.

RAPSA – Our Rating System

This will be our rating system when doing Cafe Mapping. Cafe Mapping is where we pin a cafe into our maps, exploring the undiscovered taste and ambience for all cafes in Metro Manila and hopefully with other regions as well. RAPSA stands for Recommendation Score, Ambience, Price, Service and Appetizing Rate. Star Ratings will be used in this review with a highest score of 5 and a lowest score of 1.

Let me explain further, Recommend is where my personal statement comes in. This will represent how excited am I to invite you to this venue. This does not affect nor is accumulated by the other four ratings. Ambience is the atmosphere of the place, where I usually rate the blending of peacefulness, relaxation and the aesthetics of the place. Price is where of-course, we rate the price with the dish served. Is it affordable or will it worth your money? Appetizing Rate is where we put our numbers based on our palettes. I will usually bring people to add to this rating so don’t worry about the singularity of my opinion. ?

Now that the flavors are on the table, lets start!

Recommendation Score 5/5

Why not? It has a good parking spot, an overall change of environment for someone who needs relaxing. The music is great and the place is huge! You don’t need to worry about not having a seat and a table. For me this is the best part, I remember going to a cafe and it always turns out that I need to take out my drinks. Too much people in a single small place. Recommended place for you. You won’t see people standing and like glaring at you telling you to stand-up and go away in their heads. ?

Ambience 4/5

This place has 4 different sections. Outside where you can do your smoking activities and things which needs open-air, I call the other one as Chill Section where you sit on comfy couches with your friends. You can talk, laugh and even study in this place, they also have a lot of sockets for your charging activities. There’s the computer area where gamers are coming in-and-out of the door from moment to moment. Lastly there is this quiet area where some business transactions are being placed. For example, someone inviting one to join a business or even investment. Since this is a 24/7 hour operations, it is a perfect place for staying.

Price 4/5

At our first visit, we spent 6k on our food. It was so late for a business meeting, but nonetheless, the supervising manager opened their kitchen for us to be served. One of my colleagues which was a graduate chef from abroad told me that the price is high and simulates the price abroad. But for me, it is a good 4/5 as the serving for each food is good, one order can be shared by two people. The house-blend is superb and all of it. *Maybe at least those we have ordered* Price is better than any of restaurants around with names. That’s a sure thing.

Service 5/5

Food servers roam around non-stop! That’s a sign of good food and quick service. From the parking, plus the umbrella service to the front doors of the cafe, to the serving of table to the order taking and the swift food cooking. Managers and Supervisors roam from time to time which is a plus, checking all sections. Servers are responsive and even laughing to every joke we hit on them. ?

Appetizing Rate 5/5

Food is good! Did I say their house-blend is also awesome? Yes? ??
I’d like to order more, but I guess when we come back. Haven’t tasted their pastries, not a fan of sweets so I guess I will leave those up to you. I cannot really explain why, maybe I can simply say–The Food is Great. My chef-friend which I told earlier was amazed too by the food served.

So guys, there you have it! My RAPSA Review for High Grounds Cafe! Hope you can visit soon and agree with what I just wrote.
Comment your experience down below! See you next time.

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