Hackers vs Cheaters vs Exploiters vs Crackers, what are the differences?

I was doing related research about this upcoming article of mine and I found a stupid article about hackers and cheaters. As a guy who does the concept, I found this funny and outrageous at the same time.

This is clearly someone who doesn’t get what’s he’s saying, and if you’re a follower of mine several years ago, you’d know. Yeah, you know what I’m saying.

So first, let me give a hierarchy to these words.

  1. Exploiters
  2. Cheaters
  3. Crackers
  4. Hackers


These are usually players who have discovered a bug in a game where you get an advantage without using any third-party applications. These often include colliding with walls to pass through solid objects, just like Harry Potter’s train scene.

These also include firing on walls without being seen. This is caused by sprites or textures that are not validated by any function. So basically, exploits are bugs that the developers accidentally published and being used discreetly by the players.


Plain and simple, cheaters are the end-users of hackers. No knowledge in coding or the exploit, they just use a third-party application to force a feature that is not included in the game to be able to use. Cheaters do have 3 categories though.

  1. Public Cheat User – A user who downloaded a file on the internet, runs it, and plays the game with cheats on. In my days, I use public cheats to advertise the premium and build my community.
  2. VIP Subscription User – A user who paid for a third-party application to cheat the game he or she wishes to. There’s a lot of sites that are offering VIP Subscription Services, they are often good as they are paid and maintained. These hacks are really hard to land on the developer’s hands as they require background checks in order for you to avail of one. I personally gain a lot from these back in my day, rounding 250k to 300k PHP a month just by the purchased cheats. Imagine your Paypal notifying every 30 seconds for a 5-20 USD subscription, and since it’s a subscription, it ticks every month.
  3. Private Cheat User – These are cheats that are custom made for one specific user, a software which is more expensive than the VIP Subscription. A hacker will develop software only for you and without any copy to be distributed. These are the cheats that are impossible to land on to the hands of the developers. If you’re a hacker as well, you can create one without GUI or user interface and play legit with everything. Remember forsaken on the CS:GO tournament? That’s a cheat that’s been created for him or by him which only includes the basic stuff and without GUI as he knows what to do with it.


Crackers are the puzzle-solvers. They create or discover the logic in bypassing certain security in order to gain a feature. For example, bypassing a license check function for Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office. After discovering the file structure, they now have an overview of the software development and can redirect calls from point a to point d instead of point b. Typically similar to hackers as everything starts with cracking the code.


where as hackers, are driven by ego and the illusion that they are the best. Hackers can see and shoot you through walls, cheaters will find locations on the map that glitch and use it to their advantage. Someone who kills you across the map by spinning and shooting 99% of the time is hacking. – From the previous Reddit Post

Hackers are developers who experienced the exploits and recreate or simulate these exploits in order to do the right or the opposite thing. Generally, you have 3 categories for hackers as well.

    1. White Hat Hackers – An advanced level of Quality Assurance personnel which checks your software if it has passed the required checklist in order to proceed to publication. White Hat Hackers performs extended and extreme hacking for the sake of the software. In order to improve the function, features or, security against exploiters, cheaters, and co-hackers. Often hired by companies and rewarded a good amount of prize such as Facebook’s Bug Bounty Program.
    2. Black Hat Hackers – If you’re familiar with the dark web, and you’re scared with it, it’s probably the black hats. They are the ones who are creating software intended for grabbing information. Information to be used against you to cast you under a black-mail and do the black hat’s biddings. They often hide on mobile apps, third-party websites, and silently installing themselves. The sole purpose is to serve themselves.
    3. Gray Hat Hackers – Are the hackers mostly present in the gaming industry, but don’t take my word for it. Some gray hat hackers when they encountered a rough experience in their life, they can easily turn and change their hats to information grabbers. Although what they generally do is create cheats and sold them to players. They can create the public version, or a trial version, a fully-featured VIP subscription cheat, or even the personalized cheat that is only exclusive to you which are UNDETECTED FOR THE REST OF THE LIFE. Patches not included, we’re just talking game securities.

So there you go! Now that you know now the differences between Exploiters, Cheaters, Crackers, and Hackers, don’t lump these people together just like that Reddit post. As a previous gray hat to white hat, we have an actual position which is QA, and the most advanced QA titled white hat hackers.

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