Freebie Fever

What is Freebie Fever

Freebie Fever is one of my dream series. It’s a vlog where I shop for freebies to be given away at the end of the month.

What are the Mechanics

  1. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel
  2. Check the videos for the current month
  3. Give them a thumbs-up!
  4. Comment about the topic
  5. Engage with the community

Randomizer will select a lucky winner from the comments from all the videos uploaded within the month.


After doing 5 episodes of this vlog, I am getting more and more excited to do stuff like Freebie Fever. I am pumped up with the energy of the subscribers on each published entry. Now I do hope that the subscriber count grow faster. I want to giveaway exquisite freebies such as gadgets, travels and other outrageous gifts. I hope you guys enjoy my video and that you share and spread the video.

Freebie Friday Episodes

  1. New Segment
  2. H&M: ‘Sir no un-authorized vlogging’
  3. Bag to school!
  4. Tough Cough. It’s hard to create content.
  5. Low energy vlogging is bad for your health

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