First-Time Corporate World

First Time Corporate World

Ever since my father got engaged in People-Business, I could say I am the most positive member of our family and even with peers. Simply because I am too focused to see the negative or even check the positive news around me. I am always building and developing short and long term projects as my business online. These businesses provided me up to 6 figures a month. Not an accumulative earning, one of these gives 6 figures and the most up to 5 figures. The best time of my life back then, I could even literally do nothing and the business will still continue. Earning from Affiliates, Websites, Developments and even Hacks, until my father got interested in me, asking how could we incorporate my knowledge with his business.

I was not interested in any of it at that point, as I have been busy with all other things. Until a time came where my mind became silent and I remembered what my father asked me. So I engaged and created this scenario in my head and then later; developed this project, which became a good source of income for me. I sold this project for quite a good buck, to give you a clue, I can buy a top-end iPhone monthly with this additional source of income. It lasted for more than a semester until someone with the management managed to see what I have been doing lurking in their office. So yes, I got summoned.

This is the second time where I’ve been offered a job in this company. The first one is where I declined because I have partners under my organization, which I have to lose in order to get the job. This time, I only have to lose my project and instead make it free for everyone in the company. 2-days after a long discussion with the Chairman and the Vice-Presidents of the Company, of course it is a yes.

My Early Stages

Since it was a new environment for me, I was mentored by Erick Castañeda(@vperickcastaneda), the Vice-President for IT and Operations, on how corporate set-up works, how I should act and how I am going to process things. I was a slow learner when it comes to changing my character dictionary. Let me clear that, I am willing to learn those stuff, as I feel I need those changes, I even asked them initially. Until today, my character progress is still developing really slow, though my skills are similar to a sky-scraper *gg*. Yet I am even more bashful to other people in pointing out things than I am supposed towards the VPs ?


I was expecting a more lively environment, maybe I am too naive to expect this. Employees won’t add on social media, they don’t want their message or even complaints in the office to be read, *yep* by me. They are more careful with words or even worst, they fail with short talks. They complain of course, with every Monday it’s going to be ‘f my boss’. Therefore, I am left with the big guys, even the managers and supervisors are careful.


In the web and in relation to what I have observed with the employees, their front-reason is growth. They say they are not growing here so they are looking for somewhere else with a sunlight. I found out that these people who really cares for personal growth, have great ideas and concepts and they are hoping that someone could find them. The problem is that they are too shy to tell it, and when they get a chance, either they deliver it in a defensive way or in a confused way. This is where the Vice-President for Marketing, Mike Tan (@miketan124) comes in, mentoring me on my image, my brand and forcing me into the field. ? I love it though vpMike, in-case you are reading. ??? These areas are the most if not zero, negative parts of me. Back then, I care less about my image, as long as I have delivered a perfect aesthetic to my projects, the presenter does not mean a thing. I even talked with the Chairman and both of the VPs wearing lousy loose jeans and a big shirt.


Yes I understand that this is a first-time corporate world post, my readers might somehow searched google with ‘How to Act in Corporate World’. Readers who feels awkwardness on their first day, just as first day in school. I know this story is a bit of unusual, but keep in mind that you only have to be confident and boost your skill up. You are in that position you currently have right now because you love it, you want it and that is why you applied for it. If not, please go somewhere else where you think you are needed.

Find someone to mentor you, accept your faulty areas where you are short and fill it with a mentor.

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