Finally Streaming!

So after I renovated my unit, I finally snatched a working space in my unit. Fantastic! I can do gaming streams now and really am so happy with it. I can now continue my Youtube with more content here in my personal space studio called ‘Playground’.

I’ve been watching live streamed games since the last 2 years and I am always wondering how can I set my schedule right and put a balance within work and play time. This is it. 😀 Hopefully I can manage to survive doing Youtube as a content creator and as a Facebook Gaming Partner. Took me a lot of time but, here I go!

Giveaways will also be present on my streams! Aaand I plan to give away huge prizes per month if you are a frequent viewer or supporter. Point system, so stay for a longer time and you will get points. Imagine a ‘Watch & Win’ situation. /heh If you manage to pass my live stream, say hi. You can visit me on

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