Different Fun in Taiwan — Our First Stamp

Hello Chasers! So if you’re wondering why I am not able to stream or to even post some gaming content for the first week of September, it’s because finally for the first time, I have experienced traveling offshore. Yes, that’s right, me and Iku went to Taiwan last September 5 and stayed until September 10 of 2019. It’s our first stamp in our passports after 9 years of being in a relationship. You kind of get a glimpse of our regular life is and that work.

So right after getting our passports last August, she booked one already for Hongkong but some strange things happened back then and it was kind of crazy at the moment so we changed our destination to Taiwan. I did not involve myself with the booking and stuff and let Iku handle those and of course, she used my Paypal freely 😀 But haha after the long questioning, everything went accounted so there’s that.

It was her first time riding a plane so I made sure to laugh at her restlessness while on the plane. Priceless 👌! After landing in Taiwan Airport, we roam around for a long time looking for directions. Apparently, unlike the Philippines where almost anyone can speak and understand English, the Taiwanese people loved their language very much and it’s kind of frustrating to even start a conversation since it’s a hassle to use a translator. At times like these, Grab or Uber wasn’t helpful, as they are not permitted in Taiwan, or at least in Taipei.

So not far from the airport, we have landed in a shop and ordered some food. We’re not familiar with the tradition, like should we give a tip or no. It’s kind of funny as the crew attending us is always saying sorry when we are asking for a refill of water. So we’re kind of feeling bad for him. Without any small bills to give him, we put a 20 peso bill and some change like 15 NTD in hopes that he will instead take it and consider it as a keepsake. 😊

We’re very confused about how organized their train systems are. It’s not a pay and ride kind of thing, but there are numbers, colors that made almost every town connected in an instant. Plus the train stations are cooled with airconditioning, a great barricade system which made me realize that our country is way years behind Taiwan. I’m just sad how I started to get used to this kind of system and then will just go back after a few days, but I remember I don’t use the train in the Philippines as well. Though the traffic will be better if the transportation system can catch up like with Taiwan.

On our second day, we marked some must-go spots so we woke up very early and left for the night market at night time. The only night market we visited is the Shilin Night Market. It’s a great place and crowded, you will be full just taking the free taste in the area. Get all the street foods you want here at the Shilin Night Market! There are 3 night-markets in Taiwan but Shilin is the most popular. Eat at the infamous Hotstar and get the biggest chicken there, though there’s a much more famous chicken place for the locals in the opposite direction.

On our third day, we just visited some places, tourist-destinations and went home. Let me go to the summary now HAHAHA

I’m not kind of a fan of any historical events; for someone who’s always looking ahead, these kinds of activities bring sands to my eyes. Finally, I find Taiwan tummy-friendly and I will go back here with a shorter time frame, won’t spend more days as I get bored easily, not a fan of long walks as well. If I need to find a quick getaway to de-stress, Taiwan is the place for me. I haven’t gone for the high-end food here yet, but I think that is what making Taipei famous, for the street foods. In my opinion, if you’re here to eat at some high-end restaurants, you’re going to have a bad time, few are speaking in English and though you’re eating authentic Chinese food, Taiwan is all about the street foods available.

Thank you for reading Chasers!

—– EDIT —– I accidentally deleted the videos I shot for the vlog. It can’t be recovered either :< Sad

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