Boiling Crabs & Shrimps

Whether you prefer lambs or steaks, there will always be a special place for seafoods in your tummy. If you are looking for shell-foods while Roaming the Philippines, try Boiling Crabs & Shrimps as well.

You may daze yourself looking at the menu, if this is your first time then let me help you choose what you should take. Since the name is Crabs and Shrimps, lets take a look at those. There are 3 steps in ordering the Captain’s Catch which is the specialty of the restaurant.

First. Select if your main dish will be crab, shrimps or mussels. Next, select your cooking preference. On the images, I ordered shrimps with a ‘Zesty combo flavors of garlic and butter with a tang of lemon‘. The shrimps came from a big plastic bag, which pet-shop owners used to contain and transfer live-fishes. It provides a feeling that the food served were fresh, as it was just recently caught from the nearest shore. On the other hand, if you picked  crab, the server will show you a list of crabs available for cooking. They are live crabs that looks into your soul through your eyes while spitting water on the ground. They charge 180 php per 100 grams, and crab weighs from 550g onwards. In our case, we ordered a 900g female crab which was cooked in butter and salted eggs.

It was full of Crab Butter, a delicious, fatty cholesterol goodness that will definitely deliver a pain on your nape which will trigger your high-blood. Make sure to take your meds.

The finished product were amazing, the meat and the butter of the crab easily melts in your mouth while chewing them. Matches perfectly with a spicy-vinegar condiment.

I believe some parts of the crab were torched inside. The bits of salted egg compliments the torched parts of the butter and the crab flesh. The crab alone can satisfy at least 3-4 persons.

Everything was superb! Crabs were fresh and alive when presented. Aesthetic-wise, the setting was great. The restaurant tag-line is ‘It is fun to be messy‘ and with that, they provided us plastic gloves so we can enjoy eating the food served with our hands. The whole table also became our plate as it was covered with a plastic table cover, giving us more space for mess.

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