Black Significance

Interacting with my first year on the job, people started being weirded out with my set of clothes and preference. I cannot blame them, so I would like to share what I stand for and what I value as one individual. I believe in people’s value, it distinguishes you from the crowd. It represents a calming, peaceful color for my eyes. It gives a vibe that anyone can have a chance to showoff their set of skills. Like the stars and moon during that pitch black night sky, an opportunity for them to be seen clearly.

Like the commercial said, ‘Black Looks Good! Black is Confidence!’, it became my growing-up quote. That’s why this has become veryΒ significant for me.

Black represents Emptiness, the best representation for my insatiable hunger for knowledge and success. Emptiness sucks out everything, hungry for anything. This has become the very best friend for an individual like me who strives for excellence and is always aspiring for brilliant work. Elegance, showing off other colors and brightness. Simple glimpse of work creates a difference, every effort major or even the smallest shade can recognized. Black is like water, it consumes every space available, like my thought process, as much as I could I anticipate every possibilities so I can be aware of the consequences. That’s Versatility. Downside is, no more surprises for me though since you already have considered them πŸ™Β Authority, I have control over what I decide. I do influence people around me positively to become themselves and not to settle for less. I do have control over my feelings. I don’t impose my ideas but make people understand and carry them along with my ideas. Black is simple but Bold.

Now you have read this, you can see how much I love this color that I even write an entry about it. What’s your favorite color and in what way that color can represent you?

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