A hard decision to make — Quitting Apex Legends

It’s 2019, the year when I turned 30 and the year where decision making is crucial. I initiated and excelled through a lot of things but nothing is really on focus until that one, GGFY. I started GGFY while playing a game called Apex Legends; it was meant to help other streamers interact with their viewers with fun stuff and effects. The problem is I was stuck playing Apex daily off and on stream to grind and learn how to play the game. I reduced the frequency of my stream because I can only play seriously when I am not streaming the game. Later on, I did register the business GGFY Entertainment Corporation and gathered financial investors already, but as of today, they are gone now because I played the game so much I reduced their value and their potential investment.

So I stopped streaming and decided to go back to vlogging which requires lesser time than streaming. Finally, at this point, I can play the game as long as I have been providing my vlog content weekly. To cut things short, I am still short on time to do the things I am supposed to be doing, GGFY has been frequently asked to me when I can start and how excited they are about it, and recently I’ve been to meetings here and there about GGFY.

A weekend before this post, I did nothing again but play the game the whole day. I am starting to build that guilt that I am still stuck and the time is ticking. So earlier before this post, I decided to uninstall the game and all the games from my computer. A hard decision to make, but I need this gone for me to be more flexible in the future. I have 3 things going on now, which is my work career, vlogging, and this business to operate soon.

Maybe at this point, I am starting to feel that there are people who are looking at this thing like it’s already there. The vision has already been distributed and that I have been disappointing them with the delay I am allowing myself with. Can’t change anything at this point, thank you for the game. I started when you open the game on February 4, 2014, a time when I just bought my unit to play CS:GO and PUBG, but I stayed with Apex Legends, a super unique game.

Again thank you all Apex folks! I will come back, but maybe when I completed GGFY.

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    jem dizon
    November 28, 2019 at 12:37 AM

    do everything that makes you happy bro..
    and Focus on your Calling in this world 👌

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    October 2, 2020 at 1:25 AM

    I just uninstalled this game yesterday without feeling anything.

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