3 years ago and escaping the 40 hours a week

3 years ago,  I was sick of doing my earnings at home. Getting at least 250 to 300k a month didn’t provide me the satisfaction I am looking for since it consumes not only 6 hours of my time a day but 24 hours. But it was good since the whole operations were mine and the business is mine. What I didn’t have back then is people whom I can trust so I can delegate the work. I was the goto guy since I was the owner, I was able to do even the trimmings or cleaning. I tried hiring people but I did not know anything about them other than what they presented to me, in the end, I just gave them a salary.

Getting sick and tired of coding and doing everything since I don’t have any debt on my operations, I was quite carefree and it’s 80% earnings after the expenses. But I can’t use my money because I don’t have the time to even enjoy it. Pre-sales, post-sales, and inquiries, plus the marketing it requires to hype the audience, it was all me. So having so much of these earnings, I decided to jump into a corporate world, yeah it’s learning time baby!

Jumping to a new venture

My first year was a disaster, I was taught of everything even the things that are not related to my job description. In an instant, I became the goto guy for a reasonable boss. I kind of understand his position right now having that one guy on the top with absolute power above him. He can’t play his cards as he was criticized based on familiarity. Having no vote from the supreme absolute power, he was pushed aside. I got a good thing going on before this venture, he got his empire, let’s say we both know what it feels like to be that absolute power and we both know now how it feels like to be tossed. But the thing is, this guy knows what to do and knows the proper operation for each activity.

Let me cite you an example. I do designs for my brand, I studied Photoshop, Premiere, AE, Illustrator and my point is, to come up with a good product, I know the time and resources it requires. I’m not a guy who will tell you that you’re job is easy, I tell you that much. But I can also tell whether you are just learning right now from your results and the time it requires. Again, point is, for you to become an effective top gun, you must know how to be the overall gun, not just the trigger but be everything else in the gun.

Talking about guns, you know what shotguns do? It fires in random directions. If you aim too far from what you know, chances are you are triggering the shotgun in hopes to hit the target. You’re one mess of a thing, you keep on shooting, directing things you don’t even know. Heck, I can tell you’re panicking based on how you try to shoot. This is not an effective leader. Delegating job randomly, expecting great superior results just because you thought it was the perfect decision. Hell, even kids know how to place a triangle into a triangle-shaped spot. Have you tried asking an excellent dancer to sing gracefully?

Point of this blog

I am venting my anger in this blog. Working while being in constant pain from gout I became very sensitive. I’m flattered if the other guy sees me as a genie or a God who can deliver things instantly. Like a snap of a finger. I know I can be the very thing to make my them irrelevant, I’m a builder, not a joiner if they try to rebut with these statements. If you don’t get it, have time to analyze it.

These past few months along with the COVID-19 limitations, I was able to recall my quitting moments. A stupid guy who exchanged his earnings 3 years ago to earn not even a third of what he is earning right now. Reason #1 is to help them regarding the innovations and #2 to learn for my self. Now that my uncle was being expired, it’s a one-step away to demolish my #1 reason. I learned my #2 and it took a lot from me. I was thinking of adding this as a new source of income, but I lost it all in exchange. For a simple reason, that one is a shotgun and does not simply fit the shaping board. He broke a lot of things just because he is irrelevant.

Anyway, I plan to get my old self back. As Lori Greiner said, “to quit a 40 hour a week job, you must work for 80 hours a week”.

*Picture* My own office for the new project #GGFY

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