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3 years ago and escaping the 40 hours a week

3 years ago,  I was sick of doing my earnings at home. Getting at least 250 to 300k a month didn’t provide me the satisfaction I am looking for since it consumes not only 6 hours of my time…


4 Weird Recipes

4 Weird Recipes started when I was checking some videos to build my portfolio and saw PewDiePie doing weird stuff online and the episode is about milk or soda. At that moment, I knew what I had to do.…


A hard decision to make — Quitting Apex Legends

It’s 2019, the year when I turned 30 and the year where decision making is crucial. I initiated and excelled through a lot of things but nothing is really on focus until that one, GGFY. I started GGFY while…


Different Fun in Taiwan — Our First Stamp

Hello Chasers! So if you’re wondering why I am not able to stream or to even post some gaming content for the first week of September, it’s because finally for the first time, I have experienced traveling offshore. Yes,…


The Drama of Live Stream

Heard of Perya Streaming? Those hashtags #NoToFakeStreamers, #StreamerStreameran? Those “I care about the community” slogan? Let’s break it down to pieces. As a viewer myself for at least 3 years, I do prefer streamers who gives value in their content. Who…


Finally Streaming!

So after I renovated my unit, I finally snatched a working space in my unit. Fantastic! I can do gaming streams now and am so happy with it. I can now continue my Youtube with more content here in…

How To Guides

How to Correct Birth Certificate Clerical Errors

You’re probably here because you got confused with the gov’s website, right? So let me share my experience dealing with the infamous clerical error on a birth certificate. (My case at least) The Birth Certificate Error The biggest problem…

Unboxing & Tech

Unboxing Republic of Gamers Laptop

Finally, I got my hands on one of Asus’ Republic of Gamers peripherals. It’s a ROG ASUS Laptop — ROG GL703GE-EQ001T. I want to build a pc but I need to move to a different house first so I…


Starting my Youtube Vlog

So about 7 years ago, I planned on getting out of the wild and posting stuff & vids on Youtube. But there are so many elements that hinder me from doing so. Shyness, Content, Activities and mostly Finances. Although…