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Issues on Mika Daime, POV from a Game Hacker

So last week the Valorant community was in an uproar due to an incident of a streamer named Mika Daime. She was accused of using an aimbot while on stream with her hand-cam on and everything. A lot of…


I am fucking sad and I hate it

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 6th month of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and kid you not, if this is a job, I would’ve been regular in a new company. I know I’m not the only one who’s…


3 years ago and escaping the 40 hours a week

3 years ago,  I was sick of doing my earnings at home. Getting at least 250 to 300k a month didn’t provide me the satisfaction I am looking for since it consumes not only 6 hours of my time…


4 Weird Recipes

4 Weird Recipes started when I was checking some videos to build my portfolio and saw PewDiePie doing weird stuff online and the episode is about milk or soda. At that moment, I knew what I had to do.…


A hard decision to make — Quitting Apex Legends

It’s 2019, the year when I turned 30 and the year where decision making is crucial. I initiated and excelled through a lot of things but nothing is really on focus until that one, GGFY. I started GGFY while…


Different Fun in Taiwan — Our First Stamp

Hello Chasers! So if you’re wondering why I am not able to stream or to even post some gaming content for the first week of September, it’s because finally for the first time, I have experienced traveling offshore. Yes,…


The Drama of Live Stream

Heard of Perya Streaming? Those hashtags #NoToFakeStreamers, #StreamerStreameran? Those “I care about the community” slogan? Let’s break it down to pieces. As a viewer myself for at least 3 years, I do prefer streamers who gives value in their content. Who…


Finally Streaming!

So after I renovated my unit, I finally snatched a working space in my unit. Fantastic! I can do gaming streams now and am so happy with it. I can now continue my Youtube with more content here in…